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Cushion Size Guide

The Complete Cushion Measuring Size Guide for your Home.

How to choose the size of cushions?

If you are unsure of what size of cushions to order, here is a brief explanation of cushion measurements that may help you choose the correct size.
The most important thing to remember is that cushion dimensions always refer to the cushion cover's width and length corner to corner while lying flat without any stuffing. The measurements are taken along the seams from edge to edge and are almost always rounded up to the nearest whole inch.

The following measurements are in Inches, (Inch, unit of British Imperial Customary measure)

Fun Size

12 inches x 12 inches square edge to edge 

Size Of Standard UK Cushion

18 inches  x 18 inches square edge to edge ( Check out our 45cm Standard 4 Pack )

Large Size 

26 inches  x 26 inches square edge to edge, take a look at our 26 inch Cushion Inner 

Jumbo Size

30 inches  x 30 inches square edge to edge


Some Ideas 

When you are considering cushions for your sofas and chairs keep this sizing explanation in mind. Many people make the mistake of holding a tape measure across the centre of a filled pillow and then assume that this dimension is the correct measurement of the cushion. If you order cushion covers based on this measurement, the chances are that you will discover the cushions you receive are actually much smaller than you wanted, so please make sure you measure correctly. We offer a fun size cushion at 12inch x 12inch. The most common sizes of cushions for sofas are 18"x18" and 20"20". However, larger sofas with deep seats or high backs, may suit  22"x22" or even 24"x24" cushions. We also sell jumbo sizes which can be used for a variety of purposes, and they measure 28inches x 28inches upto 30inches x 30 inches.