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Grey 9ft U Pregnancy Comfort Support Pillow with Pillowcase

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Grey 9ft U Pregnancy Comfort Support Pillow with Pillowcase

9ft U Pregnancy Pillow with 100% T200 Cotton Grey Zipped case. More padded than the standard U pregnancy pillow. Our Maternity pillows are extra filled with Premium Graded Hollow Fibre. Big U Pillows are designed specifically for pregnant mums and for back pain support .

  • Anti allergenic,
  • machine washable
  • proudly made in the UK,
  • 100% White Cotton Outer
  • fully Hypoallergenic and Machine Washable at 40C.
  • Super soft 100% T200 Cotton Grey zipped case

Comfort-U is great for relief from

  1. Fibromyalgia, arthritis and osteoporosis pain
  2. Back, neck and shoulder pain
  3. Restless sleep
  4. Maternity discomforts
  5. The Comfort U Body Support Pillow is also ideal for general pampering

This well-known pillow is the best solution for sleep discomfort during maternity. Its large shape will work as a pregnancy pillow to give support to the whole body, including back and legs, and will reduce the tossing and turning, creating a better sleep for the future mom.