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Pregnancy Pillows

Just for mums-to-be, these pregnancy pillows are ergonomically shaped so they can provide support wherever you need it most. Pregnancy can be overwhelming and being a mother without a good night’s rest doesn’t make the job any easier. Add your career and/or marriage to the mix and you’ll feel like you’re on the edge of the cliff. One of the most basic human needs is rest, just as we’re encouraged to drink water 8 times a day, one also needs a good 8 hours of sleep. It’s easy to fall into the habit of not getting enough sleep, by Netflix-ing and late night snacking. But for now, sleep is a luxury, that one cannot afford to lose. According to WebMD, Lack of sleep can lead to major mental and physical illnesses, such as depression, heart diseases and Impaired judgement, which is the last thing you would want if you’re a mum. Women weren’t satisfied with the benefits of the regular head pillow, thus the invention of the Pregnancy pillow was born! The preferred factor that made pregnancy pillows a success, was the added support in the baby bump area. Premium Home textiles, puts taste and function into consideration with their products and it shows with their Maternity pregnancy comfort U Pillow